How to create a control points within IOBOX?

Hi, guys!
I have a problem.
How to create a control points within IOBox ? (IOBox ValueAdvanced)
Like that:

I need more than 1 point.

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check setting in inspektor

FOR funkypanky.v4p (3.3 kB)

DiMiX, thanks! I also saw F1-help example.
Everything works, but I do not quite understand what parameters are responsible for creating these points. X and Y INPUT/OUTPUT and Column size?
I have one more question - if I project several 2D-planes (for example to a cube) How can I put multiple images on render? group does not work with homografy.

The IObox value advanced is a very versatile little node, use herr inspector to change some vales, and it looks totally different.

Now, no matter what you do there, the output is still just some values!!

Look at the IOBox with Her Inspector, the minimum and maximum are changed from -1000/+1000 to -1/+1, the “Show Slider” and “Show Connections” are toggled to ON, and the slider constraints and alligment are set to NONE.

For more Homography, perhaps you dont want to make the Renderer renderer, but the individual quads.

Homography2x.v4p (17.5 kB)

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MultiHomograpgyBasic.v4p (20.4 kB)

Westbam,DiMiX, thanks a lot! It’s very cool!