How to count repeated elements?

I am trying to count repeated elements of a spread. The example used in the patch is:

Given String: aabcccdeee
desired Result:

I have tried some approaches - without success.

count repeated elements.vl (19.2 KB)
In the attached patch I have tried to compare a splice with the following slice of the given spread - but from there I have no idea on how to proceed.

I also googled the problem (adding “c#”, thanks for the hint, @sebl!), but I don’t know what to do with the result:
One answer has been:
“It seems the array is sorted (According to the example). If so you just have to pick the first element and iterate through the array until a distinct value is found. Within this process you can have a counter within loop to count the occurences.
Then pick the found distinct value instead of first element and repeat the process.”

I’m not even sure if that can be implemented in VL - let alone, how to do it! :-)

So, any help is much appreciated!
Thanks a lot in advance!


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with linq:

i have to admit one has to become comfortable with this linq stuff…

count repeated elements Linq.vl (15.2 KB)

notice how easy this could be extended if you want to count the distincts of more complex objects.


this is a nice example on how to generalize such things.


count repeated elements Linq.vl (52.0 KB)


Thank you both very much!
Linq (being completely new to me) looks very interesting!
I feel like I have to get my head around the new datatypes in gamma ( char, sequence, hashset, list etc.) and how to transform them to other datatypes; also when to use what. But your patches are great starting points for that, and I definetely see how powerful things can get!
Thanks a lot!

quick update:
I’ve used the technique from this thread in a wip:

Thanks a lot @sebl and @guest!

Hi @sebl , how is it possible to modify the patch to pick and count the repeated words & sentences not characters?

Thanking in advance.


like that?

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Thank you so much @sebl , worked well.


Would like to ask one more thing @sebl if you don’t mind. Pls have a look at the patch. My idea was to have a patch to check each sentence and bring out the common words. However, distance count checks each slice on it’s own and if they are exactly similar then counts. How it is possible to make the check between slices also and how also capslock or small letter should not affect the search? In the txt file there are few VVVV words written in each slice but couldn’t find a way to count them.

Thank you so much in advance.

DC Sentence Test.7z (7.7 KB)

not exactly sure what you want to achieve, but maybe this points you to the right direction?
Maybe Sentence District Count Test.vl (48.8 KB)


Thank you @sebl , this is great.


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