How to convert a shader from the shadertoy in vvvv

Hi guys!
I would like to use this shader in vvvv
How can I convert it and use 4v?

Thanks! =)

//Noise animation - Electric
//by nimitz ( (twitter: @stormoid)

//The domain is displaced by two fbm calls one for each axis.
//Turbulent fbm (aka ridged) is used for better effect.

- define time iGlobalTime*0.15
- define tau 6.2831853

mat2 makem2(in float theta){float c = cos(theta);float s = sin(theta);return mat2(c,-s,s,c);}
float noise( in vec2 x ){return texture2D(iChannel0, x*.01).x;}

float fbm(in vec2 p)
	float z=2.;
	float rz = 0.;
	vec2 bp = p;
	for (float i= 1.;i < 6.;i++)
		rz+= abs((noise(p)-0.5)*2.)/z;
		z = z*2.;
		p = p*2.;
	return rz;

float dualfbm(in vec2 p)
    //get two rotated fbm calls and displace the domain
	vec2 p2 = p*.7;
	vec2 basis = vec2(fbm(p2-time*1.6),fbm(p2+time*1.7));
	basis = (basis-.5)*.2;
	p += basis;
	return fbm(p*makem2(time*0.2));

float circ(vec2 p) 
	float r = length(p);
	r = log(sqrt(r));
	return abs(mod(r*4.,tau)-3.14)*3.+.2;


void mainImage( out vec4 fragColor, in vec2 fragCoord )
	//setup system
	vec2 p = fragCoord.xy / iResolution.xy-0.5;
	p.x *= iResolution.x/iResolution.y;
    float rz = dualfbm(p);
	p /= exp(mod(time*10.,3.14159));
	rz *= pow(abs[0.1-circ(p)](,.9);
	//final color
	vec3 col = vec3(.2,0.1,0.4)/rz;
	fragColor = vec4(col,1.);

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