How to confirm Twitter xAuth for VVVV?

Hi, I was trying to use Twitter API with tvvvvitter0.2( It didn’t work. Someone told me the policy of API was changed.

I can find out lots of other program languages for Twitter xAuth on google and twiiter official site.
Here is my question, Is it possible to confirm Twitter xAuth for VVVV? when I tried to find the solution forum here, I cannot find it.

Does anyone have the solution or help file for VVVV?
I absolutely have no idea. :(

i had a look at this recently
it seemed the most practical solution was to use an existing library , e.g.

or you could look for a .net twitter xAuth example:

I also considered using a php twitter api and interfacing that with vvvv via HTTP requests / MySQL
(so the php webby updates its internal database, and then VVVV asks the webby what data there is)
This is because the php apps were the easiest to use at the time

Thanks. sugokuGENKI.
Honestly, I am not good at .NETFrameworks. :) so I will try to use PHP as you mentioned it is the easiest way. If you have some examples and don’t mind, could I see patch?
Anyway, I will try to use PHP library.

Thank you again.

the venue couldn’t get internet in the end, so we abandoned twitter
(so i dont have any examples.)

i’m sure the .net ones are easy to use in principle, and it’ll be good practise to pick up on using dynamic plugins with external references if you get a chance to look into it.

i’d have a go for you if i wasn’t busy today.

good luck! might see if i can get time. i’m curious myself.


seems to be rocketscience sometimes…

Thank you Elliot!!! :)
I made some simple patch for public_timeline on twitter api. actually no one needs xAuth/oAuth things. In doing so, I can test what i want at this moment. but not my account. :-( Maybe I don’t get the principle of twitter api authorization. :-(

anyway, if you show me the example, it will helps me a lot. :)
Thanks again.

Oh! by the way, When are you coming back to Korea? haha. We met kimchi&chips exhibition at mimi’s cafe last year. :) I will expect new exhibition in Korea. Cheers!