How to completely close a helppatch in vl


trying to finally get into vl-patching but the user-interface gives me quite some headaches.
While doing the vl for vvvv users - tutorial I opened up some help-patches and tried to close them after having a look. So I hit ctrl-w and the patch-window closed, but it seems to stay open in the background, as the renderer of this helppatch doesn´t disappear.

How do I close that patch? It doesn´t appear as a node in my vvvv-window. Is it a standalone-vl-patch then?

Best, C

Most help patches come with a red x on the renderer, this should close the associated document. otherwise open any tab of the document and the go into the document menu and select “close”.

of you closed all tabs go into the quad menu and find it under “All Documents” or use the Solution Explorer (CTRL + J) to get an overview of the open documents.

also make sure to watch these videos:

Thx. Realizing, that there´s the quad menu and another menu when clicking on the tab was a huge step forward ;-) I didn´t really get this, when watching the first of the videos in the link. Tbh. this handling of files, documents, tabs, patches is quite irritating in the beginning, but I´m sure, this will be turning out quite useful after some time.

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