How to combine different FileTexture's?

I need to combine three different FileTextures (three different transparent *.png files) into one FileTexture.
But i need to do this without rendering. Is it possible to mix this three textures without rendering or spreading them?

Thanks for help.


hi… if you dont want to use the filetexture>quad>renderer>dx9texture to Quad way, you will need surely to write a shader…

How could I realize this? Is there any shader like what I want?
What is the best way, to start (learn) writing a shader?

HOW do you want to combine them textures?

do you want them next to each other?
do you want a spread of textures?
do you want them as a ‘stack of layers’?

I need them as a ‘stack of layers’. But the the transparency is already implemented in the different *.png files.
So I’am looking for a solution, that loads three different *.png files and that mixes them together, using there own transperency, and in the end there should be only one / layered NEW texture for use in the following patch.

maybe like this? (11.1 kB)

Not, really.
It should work without rendering.
And the problem of spreading is visualised in the attached example. There are overlaps, if two forms get swapping.
What i need instead is to load different textures and to join them into a new one. (without blending, only by using there own transperency). (18.6 kB)

hm. if you are turning the alpha of the quad to 1.000, the overlapping disappears.

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