How to close VL window

if I open a node, and go to the VL tab, then it is not clear how to close the tab (I know now it needs a middle click, not the first think I would guess as an average user)

but if I try to close it with CTRL W as with other tabs it does not close and there are some issues (the app gets blocked)

ai fibo, good to have you back!

indeed ctrl+w is closing the whole vl document the active tab belongs to. but a document can have multiple open tabs and to close any of those a middle-click (standard windows-gesture to close tabs) or alt+leftclick is necessary. which is indeed not really communicated very well…

this doesn’t sound right. can you give us a step-by-step guide to reproduce this?

next time it will happen I will try to report it more accurately, it also happened to @noir when I asked him how to close that tab

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