How to calibrate texture RGB with World


I would like to know how to calibrate the RGB (Microsoft Kinect) texture with World (Microsoft Kinect), I tried every way I could imagine, using the pins inforamacion FOVXY Color and Depht FOVXY, but the best result was to do it manually…

How the pins are to be used Depht FOVXY or ColorFOVXY ? or what other ways are there to calibrate these textures?.

Thank you!

seems there is a method for this

however post some pic with your patch to see what is exactly the problem
since nobody actually use the kinect RGB camera due to it shittyness
nobody bothers doing that, since there is also an RGBD method

and there is also a node called perspective kinect
if you aligning 3d and 2d together might help you a bit
kinect camera by default located in 0,0,0

if i am not mistaken the RGBDepth (Kinect Microsoft) could be part of the solution. it returns a (static G32R32F formatted) texture whose pixels represent a UV map mapping pixels from depth/world to color space…