How to calculate projector lense specs for projection mapping?

Hey Desaxismundi,
Thanks for your Answer. That is exactly what I did and it’s not working for me.

The Problem appears when I click to select the point: the coordinates of the point are changed, but only to x=0 y=0 z=0. I cant move the point by the mouse.

Do you have any ideas what i am doing wrong?

Thanks, Gerrit

Not sure to understand.
You dont’ have to move coordinates by mouse on source window this is automatically done with some intersect node by clicking near points there. A red point should appear by doing so. The callibration is done afterwards in the Target window by clicking/moving mouse.

Also be sure not to have a key pressed to be able to use the source window. As written down inside the patch.

I think thats a bug with the patch, you can drag or click a point so that it dispears off the model, if you move your camera around so it overlaps you can select it again and get it to snap back to the model, otherwise reset your points and start again. If they’re way off your model make sure the model is behind the point in the renderer when you click it, and it should snap to the model.

Has anyone got a working version of Elliot’s projector / camera calibration tools ? Urgently need some help :)
I’m “crustea” on skype.