How to calculate change speed of a value


Let’s say I have a value which represents the X coordinate of a point in space. I want to find it’s speed when it changes.

My problem is that I guess I must save the previous X value and the amount of elapsed time to compare the two values and calculate velocity.

Since in MAX messages happen from right to left I can do things in order: first compare current value with last value, then save this value which will be next time’s previous value.

But in vvvv, since everything happens at the same time, I don’t know how to accomplish this.

Can anyone help me?

UPDATE: I just found the “Damper” object by chance and found out that it can calculate velocity and acceleration of an input value. I’m not sure if I can use it, though, since its outputs depend on a delay time. But even if this solves my problem I’m still curious about how to build this.


there are the nodes FrameDifference (Animation) and FrameVelocity (Animation) for that purpose… also try Heading (Animation)

Thank you! Perfect!