How to avoid svvvvitcher crashes?



i’m finishing a project, based on svvvvitcher technique (using only the switcher module to switch between patches). and i faced random crashes on switch. vvvv actually not crash but freezes until restart vvvv.exe via proccess manager. TTY says nothing. Logfile is quiet too.

by “random crashes” i mean that at most cases it’s switch patches correctly but sometimes it’s not. i’m already spent several days to find out any logic, but have no success.
seems there is some kind of intersect between procceses in memory. some parts of previous patch are still keeps in memory while new patch is already loaded.

could somebody please help me with tricks with how can i force pauses on switch patches (only run next patch when previous is completely out) or check memory status… or any other solution to make it more stable.

or some other technique to achieve same results (stable switch between patches).
thank you!