How to apply a texture to GouraudDirectional EX9

I try to apply a texture to a xFile using the GouraudDirectional patch, but it does not working ?

With texture, the mesh is black ?

See the attached patch GouraudDirectional&


GouraudDirectional& (826.9 kB)

It seems your patch is working in my computer

Good for you

Are you testing under vvvv_45beta31_x64 or vvvv_45beta31_x86 ?

I just made a new test and it seams that does not work under 45beta31_x64 but it’s OK under 45beta31_x86.

Curious ?

working here in b31.2 both x86 and x64. do you get an error message in Renderer (TTY)?

Thanks, I have just update to b31.2, and now it’s OK