How to adjust SkiaPaint properties

Hey guys,

just a quick question - is there a way to manipulate stuff like letter spacing/ character spacing of a Skia Text element?
I just found a small number of things that can be changed, like the lineheight… what about all of the other standard text properties?


Use the FontAndParagraph node for this.

Ah and the Paint category also offers to set all properties manually.

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Hmmm but i can’ t manage to find a node or something to set some other properties like the FontSpacing… i just found a getter for the FontSpacing property. A setter would be much appreciated :)

(perhaps the problem is that i’ m using the 3.0-0129 release, but idk)

I made an issue. It will be added. Rather strange that this is not there.

Ah ok, thanks for the fast reply :)
It would be a pleasure, if this will be available soon.


Sorry, but there is no way of setting that property. Here is the original documentation:

We wrapped that type in order and made it sort of immutable, but SKPaint is the original type that we work with. If there is no setter here then it’s not meant to be changed. I think it is meant to be a property set by the font designer.

Hmm that’ s too bad… but i very much appreciate the fast and accurate answer @gregsn!
I think i will try to get around this by setting the FontSpacing of the font elsewhere and exporting it as a ttf/ otf…

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