How to add newline for IOBox(String)

Hi, is there some simple way for me to add newline to IOBox(String)?
for i don’t want:
i want:


its not a clever way but it works.

bracketdetection.v4p (8.7 kB)

thanks for the demo code. By the way, how can i add “CarriageReturnLineFeed” to IOBox(String) directly?

Or just use tidy-(xml) for it.
Btw isnt conform to xml, or would be correct.

bracketdetection2.v4p (10.0 kB)

entering a carriagereturnlinefeed directly is bugged. there is a stupid workaround though:

as long as an IOBox (String) has not been connected to anything pressing ENTER will lead to a CRLF. when you connect its output to certain other pins its subtype changes which lets it behave differently and not take the ENTER as a CRLF.

connect it to a S+H (String) and you’ll get the behaviour back.

bracketdetection is awesome too.