How to access web resources?


I’m trying to find a quick and easy way to access several (thousands) images on a web server.

The only way i found out was via a html-renderer and so on…

But this is slow and crappy:

html-renderer can’t be hided

uses lots of performance

always have to crop and scale the images

Are there any other ways to get images from the web?

btw. there’s a funny bug included in this v4p.

webimage_01.v4p (8.9 kB)

yeah, I’m also interested in this topic!
I’m reading image urls out of a mysql database and would like to have these as file textures.

If every picture has a separate URL, you can easily access them with a HTTP (Network GET) node, and connect that to a Dynamic Texture, you can put it on a quad, or what ever.

No need for a HTML renderer!!

Dunno how to obtain all your URL’s, I would go for a SQL database.

PullPicture.v4p (3.5 kB)

Yeah HTTP (Network Get) works like a charm.

DynamicTexture (String) is not spreadable by the way, so if you need to access several images at the same time, I’d say the easiest way is to connect the HTTP node to a writer Node, so you can cache the images on your disk, then you can use a FileTexture to read it.

Many Thanks!

i recently discovered the method you used in your facebook helppatch. That’s what you ment, isn’t it?


yes, that’s what i meant, the example in the helppatch is not perfect, but can be easily improved to meet what you need.

  • Keep the files in a specific folder (it goes in the temp in my example), so you can have them anytime. (you can just create a folder “imagescache” on your patch folder and change that location).
  • Bit more automation (I need to click two bangs to load the images, one for the HTTP Get and one To load the filetexture), that should be easy to implement.

much thanks for that info! god to know that’s possible without coding my own plug ;)