How may I include header data to an HTTP-Get request?

As the title already states, I would like to add some custom header data to an HTTP-Get request. As it seems, this isn’t possible with the HTTPGet node.

Has somebody an idea?

Thanks, André

indeed not possible in vvvv, but should be easily added to the node, as it is implemented in vl already. horray. so if you’d be a bit more precise about how/what exactly you’d like to do i can give it a shot…

Thanks, good advice. I included it in the VL node and had to save it somewhere else. Seems to work. “AddHeaders” node is present, so it was straight forward to implement.

Just one thing: If I put in “nothing” (Alt + RightClick) as the String Spread in vvvv, VL interprets it as a 1-element spread containing an empty string. I included the if statement, because if I just put in the empty string, it didn’t work.


nice one! only one small improvement comes to mind: you can use the node IsNullOrWhiteSpace for the string check…

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beautiful. i added this also to the nodes. shipping with betas>35.8

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