How is it possible to set IntPtr to NAudio Audiobuffer

Hi friends, can somebody show how to set a IntPtr to Audiobuffer? I try since a long time but can not unterstand. thanks a lot

Maybe you can share something you end up with

In VL it works the same way as in C#, you have to copy the data into an array and then use that array as the buffer.

Are you using VL.Audio?

@antokhio @tonfilm thanks for replay. i´m new in vl. so maybe i have a lot of bugs and fallacies in my patch. I want to send ndi stream with audio. i using VL.Audio end VL.IO.NDI. for me the problem is to get a intptr pointer to the audiobuffer. the ndi lib needs an pointer to build the audioframe. in the uploaded patch you can see my (74.8 KB)

hi @rqnet,
VAudio-support for VL.IO.NDI is on the todo-list but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to concentrate on this topic. Don’t want to promise something but maybe there is some time in August to look into this. How urgent is this for you?

Hi @motzi, it is not so urgent till now. it would be nice to have. i use this patching for practice VL. but i can do other stuff. I would try to put NDI source in Madmapper end sending syncronized audio in this way.

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