How i plug a line in intersect node?


i construct a line with two points.
My problem ist that the intersec node needs a transform node as input.
How can i get a transform node from a vector which was designed with two points, because i need it as input for the intersect node?

I would appreciate if someone looks at the patch and help me.

Thanks a lot,

IntersectQuestion.v4p (25.9 kB)

Have a look at the helppatch. Normally to open the helppatch you´d click on the node to highlight it and then press F1. But the intersect nodes were updated/renamed with beta26 and it seems their helppatches are missing the addendum “help” in the filenames, therefore vvvv does not recognize them.
Go to vvvv_45beta26\help and open the patch named “Intersect (EX9.Geometry Quad).v4p” by doubbleclicking it or rename it to “Intersect (EX9.Geometry Quad) help.v4p”, reopen vvvv, highlight the node and hit F1.

Intersect needs a transform node as input. I define the line with “from” and “to”.
I can not plug the line node in intersect. I need a transform node for the two points. How can i draw a line with two points and plug it in the intersect node?