How does opensoruce github connect to vvvv?


I’m a beginner and have cencountered some problems evey time I need new nodes like “DetectObject” or “Facetracker”. I have found instruction on vvvv but it is lacking.

(for example detectobject (freeframe dshow9) and facetracker-and-opencv-2.3),,)
where I can find OpenSource link like github.

For example:

My big Problem is:
how does opensoruce github connect to vvvv?

Thank you for help.

hm…i am not exactly sure what you’re asking. did you download the addonpack? it comes with those nodes you mentioned.

or do you actually want to work on that code and build it yourself?

facetracking not working due to 64bit vvvv.

solved at university