How do you create a utility patch

When the tree structured display of the vl documents was available it was easy to make a utility patch, but now I have no idea. From the Root document I can make record classes and operations but I can’t find an option for making a utility patch. The Greybook mentios them but there is no explanation for how they are created, and while I see them in examples I have been unable to create onne myself.

I’m not much of a coder, so approaching vl is my first proper step into the oop arena. I’m rather struggling to understand how to structure my patches now as I seem to break there interactivity with other parts of projects and 4v itself. A basic primer about the file structure would be helpful.

For example, the DataSturcture girlpower shows two very important practices: defining an object and making operations that access and manipulate that object. I think these are two fundamental parts of this programming environment, so I would appreciate a clearer guide to using them, even if it means producing a seemingly oversimplified template. The flexibilty is great and all, but babies like to walk holding the rails for a while.

to answer your initial question, in the nodebrowser type Patch. as explained in our last status update this may still change though as we’re at the moment rethinking exactly this workflow of creating such patches, classes, record and operations. only once we’re happy with this it makes sense to create better documentation for it.

so for now if you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask. later we’ll of course provide proper documentation.

I just started looking at VL. probably my problem is just so easy…

again: How do you create a utility patch?

typing “Patch” in nodebrowser brings to this:

which doesn’t allow me to create any utility patch.
I guess it’s something related to enabled dependencies?

ai dottore, good to have you here…

what you’re looking for is now called a Group because it is essentially allowing you to organise/group individual operations together. inside of a group you can create different Operations via the nodebrowser. hope that answers your question.

@dottore how did you look for it? what terms did you type in to find it except Patch?

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for

@tonfilm I typed “utility” and “operation”, due to the content that i wanted to managed.

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