How do you close a window

There is no button for closing a window, like a Herr Inspektor opened by ctrl-i, or a help window opened with F1, so how do you close these windows. I’ve been looking for doc about it and did not find anything … ??? Am I blind ?

its ctrl-w. this closes the window means the subpatch within is deleted.

to just hide a window (the patch within stays in the graph) press alt-3.

think that must be somewhere in the manual?

yes, the keyboard shortcuts are all documented. have a look here:
Keyboard Shortcuts

Ok, ok ! I found it, but when you first foloow the tutorial, there is nothing about closing a window.
Thanks for your fast answsers.

maybe you can add a the shortcut in the tutorial, at the place where the need for closing windows occured. you have to register to edit the tutorial pages of course.