How do I write a shader for Skia renderer?

I couldn’t find anything when I searched across the web about this. When I finally started typing this post, I discovered this post, but I don’t know if anything has changed from that time.

I’m learning vvvv with Skia, and I thought to dip my toe into shaders by recreating a simple ripple effect (another link) first and later a curl effect.

If it hasn’t been implemented, then can I get few pointer beside skruntimeeffect docs on how I can go about creating it? I haven’t worked on VL projects before.

hey ajitid, i’m afraid i believe nothing has changed since. we’re still waiting for an update to skiasharp on this.

in the meantime if you’re interested in shader coding, better explore VL.Stride where shaders are fully supported.

Ah, that’s ok, thanks. Just a follow up question:

we’re still waiting for an update to skiasharp on this

Do you mean a ticket has been raised in Skia and we are waiting for their response? Or something else?

we haven’t raised an issue, but there are open issues regarding it. it is something we’d probably look into again with the next SkiaSharp update to see if things have changed on their end.

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Okay 👍

Just for future readers: here’s a simpler view of open issues.