How do I tracking two points


i am wanting to track 2 points in a room which
will be moving. They will alsow be behind a
human body at times. Could someone tell me a
tecnique of doing this? There i am very lost
in motion and position sensors.


i use infraleds and security cameras with ir filter and contour node for tracking points… but maybe someone here has experinece with position sensors, tell me if you find some that are wireless

the Wii Remote has a built-in IR camera and dedicated hardware that can track up to 4 points (usually IR-LEDs) at once, and it uses BlueTooth. it’s a pretty sophisticated device at a rather low price and sounds like the first choice for the task.

at least when optical tracking is an option; when your ‘points’ move through the entire room, and you need their exact position in all 3 dimensions, it’s probably not very well suited for that. i wouldn’t know what is, either :/