How do I install the openCV libraries that ColorTracker depends on?

Greetings vvvvellows,

After much trial and error I haven’t succeeded yet in getting the ColorTracker component to work properly.
I then spotted on the reference page that it is dependant on the openCV libraries. I downloaded the openCV libraries, as well as CMake and MinGW to compile it, but I have no clue on what my next steps need to be.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

helo berend,

vvvv is shipping with all needed opencv-libs. you’re not supposed to download/build/install anything additionally yourself.

thats a rather general thing to say. if you were more specific about the things you tried/problem you’re facing we could probably help you.

have you tried its helppatch? what do you see there?

I didn’t know these existed, but after checking it out I’m pretty sure this question can be marked as ‘resolved’/‘fixed’/whatever.

Thanks a bunch!