How do I get the MINT gesture nodes?

Don’t know if I’m being a divvvvy but how does one get hold of the MINT nodes for doing stuff with multitouch gestures as shown in this video on the MINT website:;color=3ccccc

I’ve got a ELO dual touch screen and I’m getting touch data - but I’m not about to start writing my own gesture nodes if someone has done it for us.

here is the link to the MINT alpha package strukt provided for the node13 workshop. i think this is the last time we’ve heard of it.

Thanks Joreg. I’ll let you know how I go. Also exploring HID and Tuio stuff today with VVVV and the ELO screen so I’ll report back if I get some gestures working unless anyone else has something to help with the treasure hunt…

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Hi I’d like use MintAlpha2 but I can’t conect MasterMint. I create a Renderer(TTY) and then I add a MasterMint node and my Renderer(TTY) show me:

Error initializing MINT: No MintContext available: Configuration file ‘C:…\VVVV\vvvv_45beta29_x86\MintConfig.xml’ not found.

I added in root.v4p the directory MintGesturesPlugins, it is into the directory MintAlpha2. My directory struct is

-----> addonpack
-----> girlpower
------> MintAlpha2
----> MintGesturesLib
----> MintGesturesPlugins

I have installed Python2.7.2 but i don’t know because it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me please? I would be very pleasure , thank you.