How do i get the depth texture? (stride)

the depth texture is null. how do i enable it?

Please share a patch that shows this problem.

stridedesplacetest.vl (52.2 KB)

sorry its a bit messy but all the way at the bottom is where i took the screenshot

you’ve set the texture format of the depth to an invalid format. if you switch it back to the default or another accepted format, the depth works again.

ah yes. then its all red. how would i get something like this?

converting it does not seem to work.

You need channel remap and something like levels… depth brightness is some value between near plane and far plane of camera…

There is a TextureFX node for that. you connect the depth texture to and it converts it into a linear depth scale.

without the camera connected it works both ways. how can i get it to work with camera?

depth_texture_test.vl (32.8 KB)

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