How delay Startup off a very BIG patch?

For the Ricos club, I have two very big patches running on 1 computer. One patch is the interface, and the second one is the patch where all the DMX stuff for the lights and LEDwall is hapening. They both contain numerous subpatches.

Now I have simply dragged the 2 patches into one patch, saved that and made a shortcut in the startupfolder, so it starts up automaticly when the computer is turned on.

How ever, I have a funny feeling the two big patches don’t like it when they startup together. Sometimes the interface starts up without any textures, sometimes other weird stuff happens.

If I manualy start the patches, one by one, everything seems to work.

So, now the Q, how can I make it that the DMX patch starts to load when the Interface patch is up and ready???

Is there someting in the ARGS.txt I can write or some other (smart) trick. Hope you can all help me out, cozz I am a bit ehh… stuck…

Thnx for the time.

from my perpective it shouldn’t make any difference if patches are started manually one after another or if they are just loaded at the “same” time. internally one patch is loaded after the other.

so the only Q is, if there is a problem with other task starting up at the same time, next to vvvv…

there should be some DOS command to delay startup of vvvv

The thing is, I think, the DMX patch listens to the Interface patch via Artnet. (so I can swap patches over to the backup without IP troubles)

There is also a virtual COM-port that starts together with the interface (for the Kramer Switch) and there are 2 MIDI in (DJmixer and BPM Counter) and one MIDI out (Videomixer) nodes.

I know it is heavy for the putter, running on 15 FPS or less.

I am not that good with DOS. Arfgg… they are open tommorow…

Could you use either set patch to load the second patch after a delay, or get vvvv to run a command line to load the second again after a decay/delay node?
I dont know how tidy your interface patch is but I got one of mine from 15- 25/30 fps through going in and optimaising everything I could, involved massive stallones, cons and get slices, but it was worth it for the performance increases. Ctl F9 to see where all the juice is leaking!

hi west!

one silly question: may this be a question of RAM?
have a look at the task manager -> processes

i’m not good in batch files,
but perhaps its possible to load both patches delayed with a batch file.
here is a link for a tutorial:

also to your brother,remko,rick,hans…
good luck!

Ola Cat, well, it runs so slow when combining the interface AND the DMX lights patch. I am using arround 1400 DMX channels (1080 for the LEDWall). the patch is as tidy as I can make it.

Already found that making some switches for un-used 360 spreads (for the LEDwall) saves a few FPS.

Ola Kalle :)

In the Processes, VVVV is stated to use 200mb when it ‘hangs’, but 56mb when it is running like it should.

I am thinking about a few thing, the docked patches, I am going to hide them all, see if that helps. Or perhaps the virtual COMport, will try a delay off 10 sec before enabling the COMport.

Also, there is this thing that a textfile, containing the last settings, is beeeing used to set some prefs, but since this seems a bit buggy (looks like it reads the stuff at Random) I might skip this too. (Sorry Sanch).

Also, it would be a nice idea to re-install the computer and do some proper cleaning… sigh… never ending story here ;)

Okay, seems like VVVV doesn’t like it when I have like 20 patches Docked in 4 screens. The reason I thought it, was because every time it started up not correct, the patches where not displayed proper. So, no I hide everything, keeping only the essentials on screen, and… woot it starts up again.

This is not a bug report, rather an observation, the DMX patch is soo big with all the LEDWall tricks in there, think the machines are working on the top off what they are cap-able off.

Also found that the Resample (Color) is using way too much CPU, compared to the other nodes, 5.0 vs 0.2, not sure what it means though)…

Pfew… “famous” dutch Radio DJ RICKY RIVARO comes to play here tonight…

id have to second gregsn that this basically shouldt be a problem. so it looks like a bug, and we should try to fix it. so please try to reporoduce the issue…

@west: can it be related to this issue?

another thing might be a special timeout condition in one of the network nodes (eg the DMX Artnet node). perhaps it does not like it when the first frame takes something like 10 seconds. but then a workaround with a Framedelayed enable should solve that issue.

I would rather not try and reproduce it ;)

I will be sending over the Rico’s patch soon, so you can al see how big it is, realy, all I changed was hiding more docked patches, and now it starts up. I will try to dock more patches and see when I reach a crucial level.

No, that value disapering issue is only when patching, i fixed this without altering/addeding any nodes.

I was also thinking about the network nodes, and some BANG at STARTUP’s that aren’t happening. But now it works, and I can focus on some more content again.