How could i do this?



Waouh! You hungry!!! =D

if you want do do it like it was originally created you’d have to do a keyframe animation :)

if not, playing with fft applied to some basic 3d objects could get you in that direction.

You can also have a look at Majorton’s Jianzhi. Could be interesting…

or another similar project

i love this one… (also love autechre :) )

thanks dudes, ive seen some examples and many of them has similar qualitys, my real question es how achieve some degree of spontaneous variations, i mean, i need to make a show, im trying to become in a VJ and i want play a couple of hours but i need create a lot of things for fill the time and because my DJ partner hasn’t yet his production done we will just mix some music, for that reason i need make a presentation what reacts to any song, ive done something but i need more variations, in that example you can see a lot of variation but in the end its just noise, in fact i started with VVVV because i want make things like DEMOSCENE but reactive to music y realtime, with episodes…im lost.

@vladimir, youtube: avoid FFT and use the ScopeSpread (DShow9) . perhaps put an EQ or some audio multi effect processor in front of your computer