How connect kinect v1

i am not a vvvv expert, but i have to submit this project for college exam.
i have installed all the drivers, sdk, open ni, sensor driver sensor kinect and others … is the configuration correct? because I can’t see my body through the “render”

Cattura Cattura1

I think the K1 node works only with KinectSDK from Microsoft, and if you installed both OpenNI and KinectSDK you have to uninstall both, and install only the Kinect SDK

ok thx i try

ok… dosen’t work!!! the procedure is correct?

Did you unistalled everything?

There is kinect preview in Kinect SDK does that work?

i unistalled everything, installed SDK and work!!! thank you Antokhio :)

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Yea, i remember from old times when you have k sdk installed and some primesense/openni it’s breaks both…

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