How connect 4 kinect 1.0?

Hi guys! how to connect 4 kinects 1.0 to the computer?
My friends were able to connect to the 4 kinects in unity 3D.


as i understand it, you can connect as many kinects as you have usb controllers in your PC … typicaly two. just spread the index pin and you can have two kinects. add PCIe cards to add more USB controllers to your PC.

if you have a laptop, its possible that you have only one usb controller. in that case you are out of luck.

but still:

not realy a solution, but a possible aproach: you can buy 3 Raspberry Pis, get the kinect data, send it to the network (UDP, OSC or what not) and resive the data with vvvv. in addition you could steam the video or just the depth texture.

Hi @ffffriedrich

I understand if in my pc motherboard have one usb controller, then I connect only 2 kinects?


u can find an answer here

hi! no, one kinect per controller. i have two usb controllers in my pc, so i can connect two kinects.

you can put extra PCIe usb controllers in your pc, if you have free slots. if you have a typical desktop pc, you probablay have 2 or 3 empty slots to put the additional PCIe usb controllers. (your graphics card may cover one of the free slots.)

if your pc has only one controller, you can connect only one kinect.

maybe there is some advanced way to handle several kinects with only one usb controller in vvvv … or some third-party software. maybe ask in the microsoft forums if this is possible.

do you know of boygroup? if you have the luxury of 4 PCs, you can connect them with vvvv. one kinect per pc.