How can i use a Togedge & Toggle in a static operation?

…Or do i have to make a class? It may seem lazy but I don’t want to create a whole class just to make helper function since I aleady made several easy to find groups for the purpose while operations in classes harder to find, and less intuitive to edit.

if you think about it… a TogEdge needs at least two calls to detect an edge. in between those two calls it needs to store data to compare it with the current frame. so you need a patch context that can hold data, and also has a Create operation that creates the space in RAM where the TogEdge can live in.

util operations are only functions they don’t need to be created, they have no past and no future, they only live in the moment.

so yes, you need to make Process on order to do that, doesn’t need to be a Record or Class…

Okay, i’ve made a process instead of an operation. But there is no way to delegate this process?

Metavvvvysics Bits, I fragment

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