How can I make my libs show up in the Node browser without creating a nuget?

I’ve made a some small libraries and some of the parts reference each other. I would like to see them in the browser as packages, but creating a repo folder doesn’t seem to work.

Here is the folder added as a repo:

Here is one of the libs where the name of the file follows the name of the file:
In the folder

But here is the node browser without my libs (they should start with a B)
Not in the node browser2

So my question is: do I have to do much more to see the libs in the node browser? I don’t want to make and publish a nuget , but I would prefer to have packages so the libs can reference each other more easily.

the convention is somepath/TheFolderYouAddAsNugetRepoInTheStartupArgs/VL.MyLib/VL.MyLib.vl

the last two are important, starts with VL. and inside a document with the same name as the folder.

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Let me object here :) Already seen some libraries that do not start with VL. and are still picked up by gamma as a nuget. As long as Foo.vl lives in a Foo directory, that seems to be enough.

@Hadasi Silly question, but is “Use Repos” ticked in the Launch tab?

EDIT : Oh but wait, your folder is called Naut.ConfigLib and the VL document is just NautConfigLib (without the dot after Naut). Guess that could be the issue, because indeed as @tonfilm said the folder and document name have to match exactly.


ah great, never tried… :)

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So annoying and so glad you spotted that, but one of two of them were correct and still didn’t show. They all work now, though. Thanks plenty!!

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