How can I keep the resolution of the renderer if using dx9 texture?

Hey guys,
I’m currently working on a student project and have a problem. I want to edit a incoming texture through the resolution settings of the renderer to get some kind of geometric effect because of displaying pixels (pic 1; render 1). In the next step I want to bring together the unedited texture and the edited one with another renderer. But unfortunately the edited texture gets smooth edges and the geometric effect disappeares (pic 2; render 2). There is also a difference between using the texture on a fullscreenquad or a quad (pic 3; render 2). Can anyone help me keeping the geometric effect for any other applications?

Try the filter node at the sampler state pin of the quad node. set it to POINT/LINEAR to see different texture sampling applied.

not sure why the fullscreenquad is giving you the blocky image, although it has hardcoded LINEAR sampling and should smooth the texture…
consider uploading the patch here if you need more help…

yes, what guest said. as soon as you upscale the pixels the directX pipeline wants to know how to do that. by default it does a linear interpolation. the Filter node can set how the pixels are resampled.

thanks guys for the fast reply. it worked perfectly with the filter node. thank you @guest. best regards

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