How can I edit imported Polygon's center

I am trying to edit the imported poly’s center.
I tried to find the “Edit Center Menu” from here : Box2d polygon centers differ from cinema4d polygon centers
but I cannot find it on gamma 5.2

I think @catweasel was referring to a menu entry in C4D, not in vvvv. Also, the post you’re referring to is about with vvvv beta, not gamma.

Maybe you could share the file you’re working with and what you have tried so far so people can help further.

Like this… I hope the video makes it easy to visualize
I want the face to turn on itself… (like turntable function in Maya)

PointCloud_Walk.vl (26.4 KB)

The DrawColoredParticlesShader is missing.

The point clouds origin is not in its points center, so you need to transform it and then rotate it in 2 separate transforms, tbh I cant remember which order they go in, so add 2 transform srts and set one rotating, play with pos of the other, if that doesnt work, swap which one is rotating and which is transforming. (if that makes sense)

Edit your ply file and reposition the object around the axis center, rotate the head to make him look along one. It will make everything in vvvv easier when you start with clean assets.

ahhhh! I didn’t know about that one. It wasn’t in the helppatch… thank you! I am going to check how it works!

Ok, but this is the first time I manipulate this type of files… how to do you do that? what’s the software used? .

where do you put the Transform SRT? RenderEntity? why do I need 2 of them??