How can i count the number of times a string happens

iam trying to find the number of files that are of certain type in a folder

You can do this with a Dictionary as the accumulator. Using the file ending as the key and an integer as the value. Then loop thru all files and count the value of the associated key one up. The nodes you would need are called TryGetValue, Inc, and SetItem.

So replace the integer value in this video with a Dictionary.

hey iam sooo gratefull to get such an immediate help from the forum. this dictionary would help me make my small software that can be used for achiving artwork images. meanwhile i figured out some other solution. i guess i have to learn soo much more to try using your approach, iam learning it off from youtube and node institute and here is the solution i found. and i will let you know when iam done with learning dictionaries. thank you very much.