? How blur the edges and add transparency?

Hi guys
I have here a problem
it’s about the edges spoiling the aesthetics of visual effect
¿ How are can soften them and add soft transparency?

decompress rar in the master folder principal vvv …
(rar file see below)

the files go on the route:
D:\Program Files (x86)\vvvv_45beta34.1_x86\MisProyectos01

*File: (Niebla_Volumetrica_3D_v09_Zoom_in.v4p)


D:\Program Files (x86)\vvvv_45beta34.1_x86\MisProyectos01\Mis_Soluciones

*File: (particuleitor_Module_v5Simple.v4p)

the rar file for solve missing (updated) (271.5 kB)
Niebla_Volumetrica_3D_v09_Zoom_in.v4p (38.5 kB)

you could put your textures on a Pillow (DX9) and set the alpha of the border color to 0…

I tried it, but the edges still… look
something changed with the node wrap mapping, but still the edges it see…

Niebla_Volumetrica_3D_v09_Zoom_in.v4p (38.5 kB)

particuleitor module missing

here… no text …

particuleitor_module_v5 modified (65.6 kB)
route my proyects folder in vvvv for solve missings… (271.5 kB)

@tonfilm is right: just use a Pillow (DX9) instead of Quad (DX9) inside particuleitor module.

good, with pillow node, it has improved greatly the aesthetics
along with many more settings, however
My computer works hard on performance and even little things are unpolished
hence, I leave this project file so that they can help me improve
I will be attentive to the answers
thanks : )

route(updated)_vvvv_45beta34.1_x86.rar (347.6 kB)
Fog_Volumetric_Zoom_in_v13.v4p (35.6 kB)