Hough Transform freeframe?

Is there any Hough Transform node or something like that?
It may useful for all.

I want Shape Recognition node.

I found square recognition code(sample) in opencvlibrary.

Anyone can wrapp this code in Freeframe???

sorry my bad english

isn’t DetectObject suitable for you?


thx kalle.
I tried DetectObject.
I think this node(Haar detectobject) works in when only the target is one type.

I want shape recgniton feature like below




the InkAnalysis API looks very cool. this is actually the second time i see an existing benefit of vista.

could be an interesting component of a some future vvvv gui.

more at MSDN and code magazine

& watch minute 26 of Doing with Images Makes Symbols “For the first time I felt like I was touching the information structures”

@oschatz, what was the first time ? dx10 ?

just looking for a simple shape recognition (circle or rectangle)
this inkanalysis-api looks interesting and the code (even if i don’t understand it )looks quite simple
i’ve done some simple shape reco with contour and pre stored shapes
but the transformations (scale and position) to compare & match the shapes is difficult…
do you think this api could be easily adapted to a vvvv plugin
(string pin output with the name of the recognized shape)

could be an interesting component of a some future vvvv gui.

That would be awesome.