Hot-swapping / hot-reloading DLL's in VL?

So I can see you guys mentioned loading any .NET dll’s in an article into VL. Learning from plugin development experiences of vvvv (from visual studio, not dynamic plugins, if you’re thinking about something similar for VL standalone (there will be a standalone in the near future, right? Right?) please don’t do it, built in text editors are not fun and just reinventing the wheel) it is a little bit annoying to always have to restart vvvv If I change something in VS. I’ve stumbled upon a repo which contained demos and examples for (among others) hot-swapping with MEF it might provide some inspiration ;)
Is it technically feasible in the future that VL wouldn’t lock externally loaded DLL’s in the file system and also watches them for changes. If change occurs it would prompt user to reload that DLL, and I guess trigger recompilation. It would make development so much easier. Obviously it should only do such thing in some sort of debug/developer mode and not during deployment (again for standalone VL… just do it man, just just do it!)
I brought up this topic now while VL is still in its first footsteps so we can have a discussion about it and some attempt at future-proofing ease of development for it.


hi micro, thanks for your thoughts and this tipp, looks very interesting! and what you said about developing with an external IDE falls basically in line with our first discussions about this topic. having VL recompile as soon a new dll is compiled by visual studio would indeed an ideal solution. of course we can’t promise to have the most convenient features in the first iteration… but keep on nagging.

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