Homography: problem with 2 layers with same homography values

Hello vvvvorum!

First what I want to do:
I have three layers which I want to project on 3D-Objects with a projector in “real world”:
One layer is projected on a box, for which I use Elliot Woods’ Padé patch. To use padé, I have to connect the “View Pin” of my Renderer to a Pade Coefficient.
The other 2 layers are projected on the floor. One Layer for Videotextures and one layer for generated Stuff from vvvv.
Both layers are projected on the same “realworld quad”. To match this I use the Homography Node. But I connect it to both transform Inputs of both layers, since I cant use the view pin of the renderer, because it is already used by the pade coefficient. In addition to this I use “WithinNormalizedProjection” so the 2 Floor layers aren’t influenced by the pade view distortion.

It works good but now the Problem:
If I use a Depthbuffer format (for example D24X8,I need a Depthbuffer to display the textures of the cube right) the two Homography floor layers are doing odd things. Seems like the renderer doesn’t know which layer is in front.

I attached two pics of the problem and a patch, reduced to the problem.

Do you have an idea, how to solve this?

Thank You,

Homography_Problem.zip (38.6 kB)

Seems like the layers are z-fighting. Try to offset one of them with another transform.

That’s it. Stupid me. Thanks!