Homography grid texture problem

hi all, have a question regarding controling texture on grid. I am using homography and grids has one texture but they are not working together, i want them seamless or appear as “one” like if i translate them, texture from one grid should translate to the other grid seamlessly hence appear as one. I have played alot with texture transform pin on grid but no success :( as i am new to vvvv.

Plz see the jpg or vvvv file to see.

thanx in advance.

myhomography.v4p (13.4 kB)

forget to attach jpghttps://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/homograph_0.jpg

hi. here you go
i’m not change much in your patch, but there are easier ways to achieve same in vvvv

myhomography2.v4p (17.8 kB)

thanx very much bo27. problem is almost solved but it is still manual approach, we have to change both textures transforms manually to animate em. What i was asking was to get a way to change one textures transforms, automatically change the others.

But i really appreciate, wat u really did is just -ve the scale of one grid which flips the texture coordinates. i like it :)