Holy spheres


I’m messing around with vvvv’s spheres and have noticed something odd. I’m not sure whether this is an effect of my system (cheep graphics cards - 2 cards, 4 monitors) or what.

(patch and image attached)

The sphere is lit from the bottom with a constant 0,1,0 vector, however, some times the top is in darkness and sometimes light. More unusual however is that every now and again a series of lines goes across the sphere and the image texture on the mage changes. It is alsmost as if one side of the sphere had holes and, given the right angle, you get to the see back inside of the sphere. Or maybe the texture is wrapping round more than once? Any ideas on what is going wrong and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

holy spheres.v4p (17.2 kB)

and the image… (not clear how to upload two files in the first post.)

smiling 256 square.jpg (24.3 kB)

use an inspector to enable the depthbuffer on your renderer…

almost everybody has this problem once.
me too.

due to hardware related issues a default setting cannot be made.
otherwise the devvvvs would have done this for sure…

*btw. EVER look at your nodes with an inspektor. lots of hidden pins to tweak your nodes.

*see the systemfoldertrick in the attached patch. you don’t need to send texturefiles then…

holy spheres.v4p (17.9 kB)


That seems to have done the trick.