Ho to sort koordinates?

hi all, there is a programm which send me coordinates but they dont has a id. problem is they are sortet by lowest x value but i want to give them a id which the should keep. i attach an example to show how i get the koordinates but i hang in sorting :-(. ahh in the example they dont move on y but in reality they do!! i think a good way could be by compare old and new values by distance but for the moment i have no idear how i could do this

thanks in advance


sortMe.v4p (21.1 kB)

i know i could do it with the freeframe contour node but then i always need to have the renderer open and: i get more delay…so if anybody has a solution :-)

so i think i am on the right way…but maybe there is a mor elegant ant efficient way?? at the moment it works so lala for the first slice



SortMe.rar (10.5 kB)

does the number of coordinates you receive stay the same, or does it change?

hi diki…

they change :-(

and…now i put a waveshaper behind of the lfo’s…and now i see my work is bullshit :-)



SortMe.rar (12.2 kB)


i would double check the sending software for any ID like thing. i cannot imagine that a reasonable developer would just send out coordinates in a re-sorted way without giving the user a chance to order it again…