HLSL visual paradigm

Would be nice to have something similar in vvvv so that people without any coding notions could start making dynamic stuffs with shaders. Should be possible to encapsulate HLSL snippets into nodes…

+1 i was thinking that pixel operations could fit the node-based flow


but i still think that full renderpass functionality should have more priority - then you could use any other (visual) shader editor

+9000 !!.. no text …


oh yeah, was thinking something along the lines some time ago. (actually when karistouf started what has become the “textureFX thread”) let’s show these touchdesigner users!! :P

so +1 from me…

Yes, this brings many questions but is worth discussing it!!

Of course this is related :)

Already +9005 ;)

still I need to say…the shader compiler in vvvv is amazing (no wrappers!)



might be interesting for someone building a node-based shader editor

Could be a starting point: Visual Shader Editor written in C#


Can you please tell me if you already tested it? Is it reliable? Does it have particular dependecies, or it can be simply installed and then one is ready to go?

I’m not so experienced, so your answer will be very helpful.

Thank you

I only had a brief look at it. I´d say it´s not really usable (for the end user). There have been no changes for over one year. Nonetheless it may be of some help for someone who wants to implement something similar.

Just found another one (more sophisticated): Source Shader Editor

omg, such an editor would really push things forward…

is there any chance, that this could be integrated? or are there some incompatibilities deep inside?

can some dev shed some light on this topic?

if someone pushes us into the right direction i’d love to help as much as i can…

me too

I really hope that one these tools would help, if not in writing shaders or others “nodes”, at least in reading code, e.g. understanding which choices have been done by coder, and being able to “link” things happening in the renderer to code lines, etc.

I’m trying to learn something, just to start, but usually they say: C#? Well, you’ll need C++… C++? Well, you’ll need C. C? Well… way up to some forgotten language of Mesopotamia.

So, please!, if it’s possible, give us a chance… I’ll wash dishes, you know, I’ll even scare pigeons, if asked…

O, great god of grey boxes, ioreg we prey for you!

hi folks!

first: thank you for your votes on that topic! we agree that such a feature would be really nice to have and it is actually on our own longterm wishlist since a while. however it is just good to know that you all share that feature wish. those reminders help in our job of understanding what vvvv is and how it could develop. so yes, it resonated on our side and got us thinking!

the other job of actually implementing such a feature needs quite some rethinking of what a patch is and how “GPU patches” could be integrated in the system so that they feel natural. so yes: we want that feature to happen, but also: we want to get it right and need to prepare for this carefully. this will take time, but there is hope/confidence that this will happen at some time in the future.

so again: thank you vvvvery much for your support!


tada :)… no text …