hi all!
i’m working on a multitouch-app using vvvv. during my research i found robi_h’s plugin HitTester2D. thanks for sharing btw!
as i’m new to vvvv (but already fell in love), i don’t understand the functionality of the input-/output-pins in detail. has someone already worked with this and could explain them to me?

here is what i already found out (but not sure about correctness):

  1. input: FingerXY

  2. input: Finger Radius

  3. input: Rotation Object
    –> ???

  4. input: ScaleY Object
    –> ???

  5. input: ObjectXY
    –> XY-coordinates of checkable object

  6. input: Circular Mode
    –> ???

  7. output: List of all objects, outputs how many fingers are on the object

  8. output: outputs objects which are intersected
    –> ID of intersected object ???

  9. output: outputs fingerID which is intersecting an object
    –> ???

  10. output: outputs list of all fingers with intersection count (for overlay checking)
    –> ???

thanks in advance!!

Up to now I could manage to hit-test a quad and a blob using the tuio simulator. If the blob is on the quad, it can be dragged. But if I simulate more than 1 blob, the quad is being duplicated – if there are 5 blobs, there are 5 quads.
Any suggestions would be great!

Hittest.zip (7.5 kB)

After endless & sleepless nights (well, I’m still a noob ;-) the Hittest is working near to perfect. There is only one last issue I’m fighting with:

ONE finger should only be allowed to hit ONE object. I could manage to do this. But if the scenario of 2 objects under 1 finger occurs, all hits are set 0 for 1 frame, so all hits are lost.

I attached 2 versions of my helppatch - a TUIO- and a mouse-version. In the patch are more comments on how it works. As this problem is not TUIO-specific but rather a logical issue, I hope you can help me out!

Hittest.zip (14.6 kB)