HitTest Mouse (2D) with sphere (3D)

this is kind of difficult for me. Hope, anybody can help.

I have a sphere with xyz-coordinates and I manipulate the camera for the renderer as well.
But after that I need to get the xy-coordinates of the rendered (!) sphere, for to perform a hittest. My actual approach is wrong, as you can see in the patch attached. Thx in advance.

sphere-3d-2d_Mouse-hittest.v4p (20.4 kB)

have you tried the Button (3d Quad)?

or apply the ViewProjection Matrix of the camera to the xyz sphere before comparing it to you’re mouse coordinates ( with ApplyTransform (Transform) )

Wow, thank you so much. This Button(3D Quad)-Node is awesome!

I thought about matrix multiplication, or image processing based approaches like the Pipet-Node, or just about letting go of the 3rd dim. I also had a workaround by initializing the Mouse Vectors with the 3D Sphere Vectors and then mapping the Mouse movement. But this is so much better. veevee,you saved my day. Thx.

@woei: Thank you, too.

there is also Button (3d Mesh), which could be a sphere or any other mesh…