Hittest circular + Kinect


I’m new to vvvv, and im working to realize a project for the university in Argentina. vvvv is the best tool i ever seen!!
I’m using MS Kinect and vvvv.

My question is about HitTest, I want to have some virtual panles in a circular form like this image. This panels are a part of a main circle.
Could someone tell me which is the best way to do this?

Thanks a lot!


and hittest segement i guess

or you can use hitbox


This one too

Thanks, you have guided me a lot in search of the solution.
I tried to draw the circular area of the segmentes, but I remain very precarious. 8 hittest connected segments 8 and placed manually one by one.
There is a more practical way to do everything with a single hittest, and draw those sections with fewer nodes?

Ale, Yo soy de Buenos Aires y estoy muy interesado en ver como se labura con vvvv. En qué universidad estás usándolo?

Estoy usandolo en la UNLaM, en San Justo

Hola chicos,
Soy carlos,de cadiz, les importaría decirme que drivers de kinects estais usando y que version de vvvv.
Tuve que formatear esta semana el ordenador y ahora no consigo que la vvvv45_30.2 ande con los drivers MSK
A ver si podeis orientarme un poco.

Muchas gracias

I’ve use a GridSegment and HitTest!! Thanks a lot

ya somos un par de argentina aca
Carlos baja los de microsoft 1.6 , 1.7 no me funciono.

lets keep it in English anyway
alenarmona its for a comercial project or for a work , or its only for the university? mynewpixel.com there you have my email

Hey @alenarmona

when using Kinect it’s best to avoid using nodes like HitTest. Instead use a central point, ie. centre, hip centre, head, etc. Then use the hand xyz to work out the angle from central point to hand.

It is then possible to work out what the user is pointing at based on angle.

Alternatively, if you are keen to use a HitTest method, may I suggest looking at NearestNeighbour.

Also think about aligning the virtual menu to the user. So if the user moves to the left or right, the menu moves with them. This will mean that the user can activate virtual buttons where ever they standing in the real world.