Hitness Club - vvvv based TV livestream

I am currently working on this TV channel https://hitness.club and could use some help with some points.

Here’s the current state Videostream6.v4p (202.5 KB) (yeah really messy, send me questions about it maybe as a message?)

I am looking for a way to play the file of a certain folder at a certain time and when the video is finished to play another folder. So a weekly playlist of videos could be made.
Maybe with a XML list as the root of the videos?

The meta data of the videos (description + URL to video artists) should be send to the HTML code and be shown live on the website.
Are there some ideas how to manage this in the best way?

Cheeers, Achim

I once made something similar.
I just looked into folders, one folder for each day of the week. Inside each day I had folders named with the time in hours and minutes telling when the content should be played back.
For this project the content was updated via Google drive.
It was being projected outdoors, so every day at 16 the folder structure was read and then the videos were played back at the desired time of the day.