Hitboxes - sound reactive


im new to vvvv

im currently working on a installtion working with hitboxes

i can get pretty much everything working but have one problem

im just missing the bridge how to make the boxes reactive to my sounds

i want to make the boxes reactive to specific sounds

box1 --> sound1 etc

the sounds are already reactive to sertain visuals

can someone help? really desperate…

It’s easier to help you if you upload your patch.

hi, thanks for the reply.

i think im not sure how to get the "hitbox-info"to my filestream

so box1 bangs filestream1 and so on

lHitBoxes_Steffi_Synesthesia_2.v4p (102.0 kB)

you just uploaded the main patch, all the other files are missing…

HI, yes, sorry, im a newby…

i got it to work somewhat, but it only works frequently and sometimes the sound is missing or it doesnt stop after the hitbox was activated.

do i have to adjust the pointcloud?

here is te comlete file

project completly (3.6 MB)

Anyone?.. no text …

hey bella,
you may use r(value) node and select _boxstatus, then get slice to get on/off of the box you are interested in.