High power leds and arduino + vvvv

Hi guys, any of you have experience with light installation controlled via vvvv+arduino and how to power it? (and i am talking about higher power leds, that will not operate in totalk dark)

Are there any “plug and play” solutions that you know of or do I have to get my hands dirty with DIY? I found a lot about this topic alredy, i was just wondering if any of you have some experience to share and point me some way.

I think enttec stuff could work best, i want to do lamp taht would be suspended on ceiling, not for practical light rather then lightning up the icons and animate it.

What do you need? How many LEDs/lights and how powerful? What kind of control do you need? On/Off? pwm/fade? rgb?

Would help to know more for anyone to be able to give a sensible answer.

around 60 leds, fade between white, blue and off (so probably full color spectrum on led) powerfull enough to light up milky acrylate to nicely diffuse it, and be visible in regular convention light

I ve just done an installation with 192 1W leds but no PWM.

I’ve done fading with many 1W LEDs using Arduino+ShiftPWM both using the boards the author of that library used to sell and my own circuit. The only problem with that approach is that you will need to do a lot of soldering so if you have a decent budget and time quickly becomes more expensive than buying stuff it’s probably not the best solution.

Still not entirely sure of your setup, controllable led-strips (like ws2812/“neopixel”) ones might work unless you need small lightsources, those leds are quite bright and if you have a few of them they should do the job of lighting up some acrylic (there’s also special light diffuser types of acrylic).

Can’t say much about using more ready made lighting solutions.

@Danielmach, those LEDstrips are easy, 3 mosfets and 3 resistors, and firmata. But you also have digital ones, so 10 cm/seg, and those are even more easy, if you find the right arduino library!!
But I have NO IDEA how to get a color array from vvvv into the Arduino :( So I am using the vvvv-artnet-ledcontroller-ledstrip route.


I suggest using hardware DMX, safest compared to heating :)

yeah i will use that enttec dmx, i will be doing some material tests with leds

the reason why i have such a vague specifications is I yet have to work out a lot of things, but ill be sure to post all that i can find about leds/material/dmx

to illustrate better ill post one of the possible looks of instalations, i want to controll colors of these cubes separately