High bit depth image export in something other than dds

I need to export some >8bpp images for editing by software other than vvvv. Do any of the other writer formats allow 16bit or 32bit pp?

I’m using dx11 but converting to dx9 should be ok.

Alternatively is there a tool to convert dds to something more common, while maintaining the high bit depth?

I don’t know if Writer EX9 supports .dib files with >8bpp; you could try, though.

DPX maybe?

It is not supported by any of the writers but XnConvert seems to support conversion from DDS to DPX.

@@bjoern: which software would you suggest to edit dpx files?

thre is free script batch dds to tga avalible on google search, u can edit in AE after

After Effects.

Thank you… no text …